Ideas Development

The Snow Queen (Frozen Origins)


Pre Disney


  • Evil mirror gets smashed by trolls and pierces everyone and goes into everyone’s chests and freezes them and the whole world.
  • Young Kai is playing with Gerta and gets impaled by one of the spikes of the mirror.
  • He then becomes obsessed with the Snow Queen
  • One-day Kai meets the Snow Queen and she kisses him twice, once to numb him and again to make him forget his friends and family.
  • Gerta then goes out to find him and talks to a lot of magical people (witches etc.).
  • She goes to the palace and a reindeer and doves tell her where Kai is
  • She finds out that the key to saving Kai is love.
  • She finds him and they live happily ever after.


Post Disney


  • Young girl, Anna is playing with her sister, Elsa, with Elsa’s magical icy powers.
  • Elsa inadvertently hits Anna with an ice shard.
  • Their family then go to visit the trolls as they can make Anna forget about Elsa’s magic.
  • Elsa then locks herself away from Anna, as she doesn’t want to hurt her again.
  • Elsa and Anna’s parents go out to a wedding and die on the way.
  • Elsa, now the queen, has a coronation where Anna meets Hans.
  • Anna and Hans decide to elope and Elsa isn’t happy about the situation.
  • Elsa runs away and Anna runs after her.
  • Anna meets Kristoff and they join forces.
  • They find an anthropomorphic snowman and he joins them.
  • They find a big old castle made of ice; Anna goes in and gets told to go away and gets shot by an ice shard.
  • A snow monster then attacks them.
  • They go to see the “love experts” who are the trolls and they tell them that an act of true love was the only thing that could save Anna.
  • They go back to Anna’s castle and Hans sends his men to kill Elsa.
  • Hans then turns on Anna and then allows her to freeze.
  • Anna however, perseveres and then breaks out.
  • Kristoff takes it on himself and decides that he was the guy to show Anna an act of true love (a kiss).
  • The film ends on an ice plane where Hans swings at Elsa and Anna heroically throws herself in the way and swiftly turns to ice. Elsa starts to cry and then she turns back to human. Then they go back to Arendelle (Arendal in real life) and have a big old party with an ice rink.


How to modernize The Snow Queen

Have the word of mouth that Kai uses to find about the Snow Queen be the internet.

Have the magic mirror be an iPhone, as phones are more relevant to today’s society than mirrors.

Have the reindeer and doves represented by people instead so they can have more lines.

Have magical people be really interested by science, as people now believe in science more than magic

Have everything to do with magic be about science.

Have the trolls be young or physically short people. Preferably with cockney or London accents.


Potential Choices

Whether Kai agrees to kiss the Snow Queen or not.

Whether Gerta goes out to find Kai. This would change whether Kai ever gets found.

Whether the people play with the phone or not.

Whether she goes to the palace or tries to persevere on her own.

Whether Gerta goes to talk to the magical people about where Kai is.



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